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Digital Electronic Locker & Cabinet Locks

Australia’s best range of Digital, Electronic, RFID and Combination Locker Locks

Exclusive SE Asia Distributor of MiniK10 Digital and RFID Locker Locks with up to 10-years battery Life.

Combination Locker Locks

End of Trip Auto-open Locks

Digital Locker Locks

Minik10 Locker Locks

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Why you should consider KSQ Locker Locks


KSQ locker locks are sourced directly from manufacturers focused exclusively on lock products. Their level of expertise comes from decades of experience in design, engineering, product development and manufacturing that has earnt many of them with certificates of excellence in patents and technology. Our supplier’s stringent quality control ensures KSQ that our locker locks meet the highest standards of materials and workmanship.
Before selecting locks to meet market demand our locks undergo thorough assessment and evaluation prior to placing orders. We also offer free samples to our major locker and joinery industry clients for their feedback and obtaining approval from their end users.

Affordability and Availability

KSQ maintain a price policy that genuinely delivers value for money. We do not inflate our prices based on popularity or the exclusivity of our products. We reward our customers with discounts for their return business and size of order and maintain a regular inventory of our most popular locks to be reliable for a continuity of supply.

Digital Minik10 Cam Locks with 5-10-years Battery life

A full range of electronic cam locks that include Public and Private mode operation
for assigned or share lockers, Mifare or Proximity RFID technology, NFC technology for management via Smartphone and the Hopinlock APP, Bluetooth wireless technology with Online Management software that provides detailed data of locker number, location, users, battery status, lock status and user audit trail. Lock Range includes PIN only or Card/Fob/Wristband only both Card and PIN.

Solutions for Using Customer RFID cards with RFID Locker Locks

Because of so many different RFID technologies and frequencies, not all RFID operated locker locks are compatible with proprietary access cards or fobs. KSQ offer an affordable solution enabling existing RFID cards to work with our locker locks simply by attaching a small self-adhesive RFID chip card to the customer’s cards.
It enables existing cards such as those used for security systems and membership cards to operate the existing access control devices as well as our RFID locker locks and negates carrying two cards.

The Best Range of Locker Locks for any Application

KSQ carry a complete range of keyless digital, RFID and mechanical locker locks to suit almost any application. Our digital lock range provides for Private assigned locker users, Public share locker users, PIN operation RFID Card, Fob or Wristband operation or both RFID and PIN operation. All our mechanical combination locks feature keyless operation and solutions to replace conventional key operated locks and all our mechanical locks provide an emergency override key or combination discovery feature.

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