Digital and Mechanical Locker Locks

As Australia’s premier provider of advanced locking systems, KSQ is committed to offering a diverse range of digital, electronic and mechanical locking solutions. From high-tech establishments to everyday settings, our products cater to a multitude of needs, ensuring the utmost security and ease of use.

Top-notch security solutions from KSQ

We carry the best locks and security solutions in the market. In our store, our products are categorised into: 

  • End-of-trip auto-open locks

Our end-of-trip auto-open locks represent the pinnacle of convenience and security. These locks are designed to automatically open at a pre-set time, making them ideal for shared spaces like gyms and offices. The technology behind these locks is geared towards facilitating efficient and secure management of locker access, eliminating the hassle of manual key distribution. They are perfect for high-traffic areas, offering both users and administrators a hassle-free experience.

How to install: 

  1. Mount the lock— Secure the end-of-trip auto-open lock onto the locker door using the provided screws.
  1. Connect to power— Attach the batteries or connect to a power source as per the lock’s requirements.
  1. Program the lock— Use the programming key or interface to set the auto-open time, ensuring it matches your facility’s schedule.
  1. Test the functionality— Verify that the lock opens at the set time and responds to manual overrides if necessary.
  • Combination locker cabinet locks

The combination locker cabinet locks blend traditional security with modern convenience. These locks are equipped with a master override key feature, ensuring that administrators can access lockers in case of an emergency or forgotten combination. Ideal for schools and public facilities, these locks provide a balance of user-friendly access and robust security, without the need for electronic systems.

How to install: 

  1. Position the lock— Place the combination locker lock on the door, aligning it with the latch.
  1. Secure the lock— Fasten the lock using the provided screws, ensuring it’s tightly fixed to the door.
  1. Set the combination— Follow the instructions to set the initial combination code.
  1. Test the master key— Ensure the master override key successfully unlocks the lock, providing a backup access method.
  • Digital Prox MIFARE RFID electronic locker cabinet locks

Our Digital Prox MIFARE RFID electronic locker cabinet locks are at the forefront of locker security technology. Incorporating digital locker locks with RFID technology, these locks offer easy access through proximity cards, enhancing user convenience. We stock the following products under our Digital Prox MIFARE RFID electronic locker cabinet locks category: 

  • KSQ locker locks

KSQ locker locks are digital locker locks designed for ease of use, robustness and longevity. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from personal lockers in gyms to secure storage in hospitals, these locks stand out for their long battery life and advanced security features. Incorporating Bluetooth and NFC technologies, they offer both security and flexibility, adapting to various user needs.

  • Miniq10 locker locks

Miniq10 Locker Locks are engineered for both security and simplicity, making them ideal for various settings. With their compact design, the Miniq10 digital locker locks blend seamlessly into any locker setup. They are perfect for environments demanding robust security without the complexity, from gyms to offices. Notably, these digital locker locks offer user-friendly access, durable construction and reliable performance. Embrace the future of locker security with Miniq10, where cutting-edge digital lock technology meets everyday practicality.

How to install:

  1. Install the lock— Attach the digital locker lock to the locker door, aligning it with the door frame.
  1. Power up— Insert batteries or connect the lock to a power source as specified.
  1. Program the lock— Configure the lock using the programming card or device to recognise RFID cards.
  1. Validate access— Test the lock with an RFID card to ensure it unlocks smoothly and securely.
  • Accessories

Our range of accessories complements our locking systems, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality. From override keys to protective covers, our accessories are designed to support and enhance the experience of using KSQ locks. They are the perfect addition to any locking system, providing extra convenience and security.

Discover the perfect locking solutions at KSQ

Explore our extensive range of cutting-edge locking solutions at KSQ. From advanced digital locker locks to robust mechanical systems, we have the perfect lock to meet your specific needs. Our products are designed with both security and ease-of-use in mind, ensuring a seamless experience for every user.

If you have any questions or need guidance in selecting the right lock for your facility, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our expert team is always ready to assist you with personalised recommendations and support. Experience superior security with KSQ. 


How do I know if I need to have a lock repaired? 

Knowing when a lock requires repair is essential for maintaining its efficacy. If your KSQ lock is showing signs of wear, difficulty in operation or inconsistent performance, it may need attention. This is particularly true for our digital locker locks, where any irregularity in function could indicate a need for repair or battery replacement.

How can I maintain my locks? 

Proper maintenance is key to the longevity and reliability of your locks. For digital locker locks, keeping an eye on battery life and ensuring the lock’s interface remains clean and unobstructed is vital. To add, regular testing and gentle use can also help prolong their life.

Can your locks be integrated with existing systems?

Many of our locks are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security systems. This integration facilitates a unified security protocol across your facility, enhancing overall safety and convenience.

What customisation options are available?

While our product range is diverse and versatile, we don’t offer customisation for our locks. However, the variety of locks available ensures that you can find a lock that best fits your specific requirements.

What are the emergency access solutions?

Ensuring access in emergency situations is a priority. Our locks, including both mechanical and digital varieties, often come equipped with master override keys or codes. This feature is crucial in situations where normal access methods are compromised, ensuring that security is maintained without hindering necessary access.